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Who Gives? Young Millionaires Lead in Philanthropy

A recent survey showed that Generation X millionaires (those ages 28 to 42) are the most generous among their peers. Of course, high-net-worth individuals are not the only ones who contribute to charities. Many Americans give generously, and the amount they give has increased dramatically in recent years. Regardless of their net worth or their [...]

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History of Market Cycles

“History does not repeat itself. It rhymes.” - Mark Twain This unique observation can accurately be applied to the current state of the economy and financial markets.  Rising costs of food and fuel, dropping home prices, and banking industry woes have coalesced in 2008 to create what some investors and analysts have characterized as an [...]

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The Federal Reserve as Keeper of the Economy

Increasing costs at the grocery store and the gas pump, news of falling home prices, and the recurring ups and downs of the financial markets seem to be taking their toll on the collective American psyche. When asked to name the most important problem facing the nation, 35 percent of Americans participating in a March [...]

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Make the Most of Home Renovations

It’s a much different picture renovating a home in 2008 than in 1998. Fueled by huge gains in the price of real estate, homeowners a decade ago were tapping home equity with little care since prices were expected to keep climbing, more than covering the cost of such improvements. Today, with the slowdown in real [...]

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