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Financial Planning Success

In his book, Personal Success, Brian Tracy wrote that successful people “tend to have fluid, flexible, adaptive minds.” When it comes to personal financial success, this amounts to viewing the planning process from three distinct perspectives: short-term, mid-term and long-term. In this brief video, we present our formula for financial planning success: 3 perspectives, 1 plan. [...]

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The Psychology of Technology

Sherry Turkle directs the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Initiative on Technology and Self, and has spent the past 30 years researching the psychology of technology. Her research raises critical questions about people’s relationships with technology, as well as technology’s role in productivity, including whether our always-connected state affects our ability to think, be creative [...]

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Arizona Tax Credits Help the Community

November 29 is Giving Tuesday this year, Arizonans who pay state income tax have a unique and easy opportunity to give by directing where some of those dollars are spent. Arizona tax credits help the community. The state offers a number of dollar-for-dollar credits you can specify on your income-tax return to benefit schools, registered [...]

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Politics and Your Portfolio

What is the relationship between politics and your portfolio? This year, investors have lived through not one, but two political earthquakes. In June, pundits and markets were shocked (temporarily at least) by Great Britain's vote to leave the European Union, referred to as “Brexit.” More recently here at home, in what many would describe as [...]

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Having “The Talk” with Your Kids

Life is full of awkward, yet necessary, conversations with our kids. We talk to our young ones about chores, drugs, dating, peer pressure, homework and more. Yet many of us avoid talking to our adult children about important topics like retirement preparedness, eldercare and estate planning. Parents approaching retirement might be pleasantly surprised to know [...]

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Time for Self-Reflection

The last quarter of the year has arrived, and it will likely pass in a flash as we enjoy the cooler weather and celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. despite the hurried pace of life in the final months of the year (or perhaps because of it), I find it helpful to slow [...]

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