Seasons of Investing

In many ways, tending a portfolio is like tending a tree, according to Jim Mailliard. One must know how much to water it, when to prune and when to harvest. There are seasons of investing, and a well-balanced portfolio can grow and blossom through those seasons.

In this brief video, we explain the analogy in more depth.

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Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

Building a strong investment portfolio is like building a pyramid. In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner Mike Larriva shares his reasoning for this analogy.

Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

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Market Timing Targets Impossible Goal

Can you hit a bull’s eye with every dart throw? Probably not.  That’s why market timing is so difficult, if not impossible.

In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner practitioner Jim Mailliard explains in simple terms why investors who jump in and out of stocks typically miss out on profitable market recoveries.

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Chasing the Hot Stock

Many investors worry about chasing the hot stock. In this brief video, Financial Planner Patrick Eng explains how chasing the so-called hot stock is like trying to stay in the fast lane in traffic and why neither strategy works in the long run.

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