Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

Building a strong investment portfolio is like building a pyramid. In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner Mike Larriva shares his reasoning for this analogy.

Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

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Market Timing Targets Impossible Goal

market timingCan you hit a bull’s eye with every dart throw? Probably not.  That’s why market timing is so difficult. It targets an impossible goal. Investors who maintain a long-term perspective historically have more sucess than those who invest haphazardly.

In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner practitioner Jim Mailliard explains in simple terms why investors who jump in and out of stocks typically miss out on profitable market recoveries.


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Chasing the Hot Stock

Many investors worry about chasing the hot stock. In this brief video, Financial Planner Patrick Eng explains how chasing the so-called hot stock is like trying to stay in the fast lane in traffic and why neither strategy works in the long run.

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Next Generation RIAs

A handful of local Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms are invited to participate in a Charles Schwab summer intern education program. We’re proud to say Perspective Financial Services is among those selected to help educate next generation RIAs in this program.

next generation RIAs

Mike McCann (right) reviews office operations with the Schwab RIA interns. (Summer 2016)

The Schwab Advisor Services RIA Internship Program is a hands-on eight-week rotational internship designed to prepare undergraduate students for employment within RIA firms. Students apply and come to Phoenix from across the United States to learn about the investment industry, the advisory profession, and how advisors and Schwab work together to accomplish the goals of risk management and client asset protection.

About midway through the program, the group of interns disperses for their “on-site experience” at RIA firms across the Valley. They gain corporate work experience and are introduced to fundamental areas of the RIA business, such as client service, trading support, portfolio construction and financial planning.

Kelsey from Ohio and Andrew from Texas spent several days at Perspective Financial in 2016. Colin from Utah and Davis from Florida were our interns for 2017. We shared an overview of our service philosophy, business model, office operations and strategic marketing to help these next generation RIAs understand the wide range of expertise our firm encompasses.

We’ve been impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of all the interns we have hosted, and we wish them well on their educational and career journey.

next generation RIAs

Mike McCann (left) reviews portfolio rebalancing protocol with the Schwab RIA interns. (Summer 2017)









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