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Seasons of Investing

In many ways, tending a portfolio is like tending a tree, according to Jim Mailliard. One must know how much to water it, when to prune and when to harvest. There are seasons of investing, and a well-balanced portfolio can grow and blossom through those seasons.

In this brief video, we explain the analogy in more depth.

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Financial Planning Experience Creates Value

Should you hire a financial planner or just do it yourself? In today’s high-tech world, it’s a valid and common question. In this brief video, Patrick Eng explains how working with a professional advisor is like hiring an experienced aviator to pilot an airplane. Professional financial planning experience creates value.


By |July 5th, 2017|Financial Planning, Video Blog|

Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

Building a strong investment portfolio is like building a pyramid. In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner Mike Larriva shares his reasoning for this analogy.

Your Investment Portfolio Pyramid

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Working with a Financial Planner

working with a financial planner is like working with a trusted physicianThere are many pragmatic reasons for working with a financial planner.

Just as a caring, qualified physician can help you manage your health, recommend preventive care and advise in times of illness, a caring, qualified financial planner can help you manage your finances, provide direction in identifying your goals and help you maintain a balanced portfolio in uncertain economic times.

In this brief video, Mike McCann uses this analogy to outline a few short- and long-term benefits of working with a financial planner.

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