Eng-webApril is Financial Literacy Month and a great time to take stock of your finances now that your taxes are (hopefully!) done. Financial Literacy Month was promoted to help Americans develop healthy financial habits and behaviors regarding money. Though many people are experiencing financial difficulties today, there are resources available to assist those willing to make an effort and take steps in the right direction.

One of those resources is a website developed by Money Management International (MMI), a non-profit group whose mission is to improve lives through financial education. It features a 30-step process (the number of days in April) to help folks make better financial decisions. Using a series of worksheets, the website walks you through a number of activities to determine where you are today with your finances. These can help you determine priorities, goals, net worth, expenses and more.

If you, a friend or relative needs help in this area and you don’t know where to start, this website is a great place to take the first step. It can motivate you to take small steps to develop good financial behaviors and disciplines.

Use this website and Financial Literacy Month to put yourself in a more informed position around your money. www.FinancialLiteracyMonth.com