What if the values behind private capitalism, democracy and political freedom simply don’t add up for people living in emerging markets? Dambisa Moyo, Ph.D., an international economist who analyzes macroeconomics and global affairs, suggests there’s an ideological schism between developed and developing countries.


Moyo was a keynote speaker at Schwab Impact 2014 in Denver, which Mike McCann attended in November for professional development. The national four-day conference brings together the Registered Investment Advisor community for collaborative learning on key industry issues and best practices.

During her presentation, Moyo asserted that China’s economic system, one that embraces state capitalism and de-emphasizes democracy, poses a serious challenge to Western ideals. People want a better life first, she said. Democracy is a distant second. Where does that leave the United States and other Western nations? Watch Moyo’s powerful TED talk to gain a broader perspective on democracy and emerging markets.

Moyo is also a New York Times best-selling author of several books. To learn more about her and her research, visit Moyo’s website at www.dambisamoyo.com