McCann Honored for Volunteer Work

Mike McCann Honored for Volunteer Work with Phoenix-area Scouting BSA organization. McCann, president and founder of Perspective Financial Services, LLC, received Honorable Mention in the 13th Annual Invest in Others (IiO) Awards for his work with Friends and Supporters of Troop 30 (FAST 30), a local scouting organization. As a result, FAST 30 will receive [...]

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Focus on Small Habits

Financial Planner Lupe Camargo shares a personal story of positive change. Learn how a new focus on small habits helped create the big results she wanted. It doesn’t matter what personal goals you may want to achieve. Improve your health. Save money. Spend more time with family. By focusing on small habits and little changes [...]

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Create a Vivid Written Financial Plan

How many times have you been told you’re more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down? More times than you can count? Probably. That’s because study after study has proven it to be true. Is it time to create a vivid written financial plan to achieve your goals? Vividly describing your goals [...]

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Keep Your Investment Portfolio on Track

In this brief video, Certified Financial Planner practitioner Mike Larriva explains how investment risk and return run parallel to one another, just like railroad tracks. To keep your investment portfolio on track, you need to keep risk and reward in balance. To help keep your investment portfolio on track – even during erratic market fluctuations [...]

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