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Year-End Tax Saving Strategies

Now is a perfect time to check for any remaining opportunities to help minimize your tax bill before 2017 comes to a close. There are many year-end tax saving strategies for you to consider. At Perspective Financial Services, we take a proactive approach to minimize our clients’ tax bills through a variety of investment strategies. [...]

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Arizona Tax Credits Help the Community

November 29 is Giving Tuesday this year, Arizonans who pay state income tax have a unique and easy opportunity to give by directing where some of those dollars are spent. Arizona tax credits help the community. The state offers a number of dollar-for-dollar credits you can specify on your income-tax return to benefit schools, registered [...]

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Seeing the Big Picture and Defining Success

I’ve always believed successful financial management was more than crunching numbers, researching the analytics, and applying market principles and applicable tax laws. While there are certainly prerequisites to financial success, the real key to successfully managing your finances is knowing and managing yourself. Poor financial decisions often the result of not being able to see [...]

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Generosity Requires Due Diligence

People often have well-established and respected charities that are close to their hearts. However, when considering donating to less-familiar charities, donors should be cautious. CNN recently reported that many charities actually do very little for the causes they purport to assist and that "the 50 worst charities give less than 4 percent of donations raised [...]

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Arizona Income Tax Credits Help Schools and Working Poor

Arizona offers several tax credits for individuals paying state income tax. They include the Working Poor Tax Credit for donations to qualified charitable organizations, the Public School Tax Credit (including charter schools), and the Private School Tuition Tax Credit. The credits do not reduce your tax liability; rather they allow you to specify how your [...]

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