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Planning Your Financial Future

Why do you need a written financial plan? Would you take a cross-country road trip without a plan or itinerary? Planning a road trip is like planning your financial future.

In the two-minute video below, Mike Larriva uses this analogy to explain how a written plan helps you get where you want to go.

After watching, if you’d like to learn more about our financial planning process, click here.

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Tell Me About Your Health

A caring financial planner will talk with you about more than just money. Experience has taught Lupe Camargo how important it is to have discussions about health with her clients. “Tell me about your health.”

In this brief video, she shares insights about how taking care of your health is just as important to a fulfilling retirement as careful investment planning. Maintaining physical fitness, emotional strength and mental vitality will help you enjoy retirement to the fullest.

While it may feel unusual for a financial advisor to say “tell me about your health,” proactive health care planning is an important part of getting ready for retirement. Long-term care insurance is one important part of that plan. Learn one of the key reasons why in this brief article.

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Estate Planning Insights

Mike McCann recently helped his dad through a difficult life transition – from having full independence to living in a memory care facility. There are several estate planning pitfalls people often encounter. His dad avoided all but one. In this brief video, Mike shares key estate planning insights he gained in the process.

Most importantly, he learned that communicating your wishes to your loved ones is critical. It’s a step that should not be put off.

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Building Lasting Relationships

The most successful financial planning focuses on building lasting relationships. We strive to develop long-term collaborative relationships with our clients, based on mutual respect. So, your success becomes our success.

Jim Mailliard shares a recent experience to illustrate this point. In this brief video, he talks about mentoring young men battling substance abuse. Those interactions, he explains, helped him recognize one of his key professional skills. Providing a calming presence when life gets challenging.

Building lasting relationships sometimes means providing a calming presence when life gets challenging.

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Secure Personal Data

Secure personal dataIt may seem complicated to secure personal data on all your electronic devices. Shannon Curkendoll, operations manager and portfolio administrator, offers simple tips to make the task less daunting. Take a moment to watch her brief video. She explains how to lock your devices and create strong passwords you can remember.



For more great insight on how to secure personal data, check out Shannon’s article on how to understand and reduce Wi-Fi risk.

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