credit card no-nosAccording to an Experian survey, 21 percent of people who experienced credit card fraud lost money as a result. The best way to avoid this, while still owning a credit card, is to follow a few basic security measures. You probably know to not read your card number out loud in public. Here are a few more credit card no-nos to keep in mind:

  • Never email, text message, or send a message via social media that contains your credit card number.
  • Never save or store your credit card number online or use the same password or pin as an online account for your credit card.
  • Never give your card number to someone who called you over the phone. You don’t know who is really calling you, and it is better to get the reference number and call back using a customer service phone number you verify online. Any legitimate company requesting this kind of personal information will be understanding and allow you to hang up and call back.

Tobi McCann

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