While most experts see little good news in 2011’s housing market, economic downturn is no reason to neglect maintenance on a home or lose sight of future plans to relocate.

The critical issue is planning intelligently for what spending you do now to make sure it’s worth your money later. Even if your plan to sell is more than a year away, it’s a good idea to get your overall finances in order now. As you wait for your opportunity to sell, here are some ideas to incorporate in your planning:

Get a home inspection: Go through local channels – lenders, friends, real estate professionals you trust – to find a licensed home inspector who can look over your property and help you develop a list of potential repairs and upgrades that you can do economically given that you’ll have months before you put the property up for sale.

Don’t overinvest in improvements: In the 1990s, spending $40,000 on a kitchen in many neighborhoods could recover that amount of money and more in the final sales price. In today’s market, those payoffs are a distant memory. Remodeling Magazine’s latest “Cost vs. Value” report provides estimates on specific projects by region, including projections on cost recoupment.

Appeal your property taxes: If you’ve never appealed your property taxes before or have not done so in many years, do so when your appeals period is open. Lowering your taxes as much as possible may help make your property more salable.