Foundations, trusts and retirement plans are required to have an investment policy statement (IPS). But anyone with money earmarked for goals, such as retirement or college education, should also have an IPS.

Perspective Financial clients have always benefited from this important document. It is both a blueprint and a report card. It puts your investment goals and strategies in writing and helps you commit to a disciplined plan.

An IPS is an integral part of the financial planning process, in which you and your advisor:
  • identify your goals
  • understand the time horizon
  • understand your risk tolerance
  • identify acceptable investment categories and vehicles
  • establish an acceptable allocation of asset categories
  • monitor and adjust the portfolio as appropriate

A well-thought-out, up-to-date IPS helps foster communication between you and your adviser, and helps assure that you stay on track in achieving your financial goals and dreams.

If your lifestyle or goals have recently changed (i.e. change in employment, a growing family, etc.), let us know, so we can work together to update your IPS accordingly.