Navy SEAL Tips to Thrive Under PressureThe Navy SEALs undergo some of the most stressful training in the world — both physically and mentally. They can teach us a few things about thriving in challenging situations and accomplishing goals. Keep reading for Navy SEAL tips to thrive under pressure.

Lesson One: Embrace the challenge. Life throws us curveballs. Sometimes, more than one at a time. We can’t control or avoid them, but we can switch our attitude to one of acceptance and mental readiness for the challenges.

Lesson Two: Move the goalposts closer. Feeling overwhelmed is a signal you’re trying to do too much at once. Breaking decisions and challenges into small, manageable victories can give you a feeling of accomplishment and shift your brain out of analysis paralysis.

Lesson Three: Take action. When you feel powerless or negative, taking action can help you shift into a positive mindset and begin exerting control over your situation.

How do these lessons apply to our financial lives?

We can’t control markets, but we can create and implement a financial plan. We can’t predict the economy, but we can double- and triple-check our contingency plans. Financial planning is as much about psychology and human behavior as it is money and investments. Mindset and behavior may have a greater long-term impact on financial success than economic ups and downs.

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