Mike McCann, CFP®, AIF®


Schedule a complimentary meeting with Mike Mike McCann, CFP®, AIF® - President/Founder, Financial Planner Mike McCann has worked in the financial services industry since 1991,  interacting directly with individuals as an investment advisor and also behind-the-scenes in high-level trading and managerial positions. He prides himself on developing mutually-beneficial, ongoing relationships with his clients, whether [...]

Lupe Camargo


Schedule a complimentary meeting with Lupe Lupe Camargo - Financial Planner Lupe Camargo joined the company in 2005 as Director of Client Operations with 15 years of business analysis and marketing experience. Since her promotion to financial planner, Lupe serves a wide variety of clients. She also leverages her experience as a Latina business [...]

Patrick Eng


Schedule a complimentary meeting with Patrick Patrick Eng - Financial Planner Patrick Eng has been with Perspective Financial Services since 2006 and has more than 25 years of financial services industry experience. Initially, his career centered on trading fixed income securities and foreign currency derivatives. Patrick has focused since 2000 on developing a [...]

Mike Larriva, CFP®


Mike Larriva, CFP® - Financial Planner Mike Larriva began his financial planning career in the early 1990s. Prior to joining Perspective, he worked with Ives Asset Management, Finance 500 Advisory Services and Wealth Accumulation Limited in Phoenix. Mike has focused on developing a financial consulting practice aimed at helping individuals, physicians and small business owners with [...]