Guest post by Olivia Camargo

We love our pets. They are great company, and in return we take care of their needs. Sometimes those needs can be expensive when it comes to health issues. We protect ourselves from high medical bills by carrying insurance. Is it worth it to have insurance for our pets?

  • You pay a little every month, instead of all at once.
  • It can save you money, especially for major procedures or surgery.
  • If you know you would pay whatever medical expenses are required regardless of amount, insurance could limit how much you need to pay.
  • The total cost of premiums typically can be greater than what you would have to pay without insurance, according to Consumer Reports.
  • Pre-existing conditions may not by covered.
  • Policies differ in what services they cover and have different limits; you may not be covered for items you thought were included.
Dog Friday

The Camargo family dog looks nervous during a recent trip to the vet.  Photo by Olivia Camargo.

Some pets are definitely more prone to health issues than others. According to, for example, the top three dogs for high medical expenses are Bernese mountain dogs, Newfoundlands and Rottweilers. Make sure to research what medical issues your pet’s breed may have to help you decide if insurance would make sense.

A good alternative to pet insurance is to have a “pet emergency fund” set aside to pay large or unexpected vet bills.

Olivia Camargo is a high school student in the Metropolitan Phoenix area.