smooth sailing tax strategiesThe boat you stand in rocks and sways as the waves roll and churn and crash across the stern. That’s how it can feel when tax rules are up in the air, soon to change, or recently changed. If you’re a high earner or have a sizable portfolio, this unsteady feeling intensifies. Wouldn’t it be great to have smooth sailing tax strategies?

Many people make the mistake of leaving things “as is” when laws change,  leaving potential tax savings on the table. They don’t realize that there often are small adjustments  they can make before new rules take effect to lock in savings.

What if you viewed changes to tax law as an opportunity? The wealthiest Americans tend to embrace tax changes and find hidden savings as the tax tides ebb and flow. They ask questions.

  • How much of my income and which of my investments will be affected?
  • How can I use the current unpredictability around taxes to my benefit?
  • Are my investments still aligned with my tax strategies?
  • Is there a way to lock in savings now before rules change?

At Perspective, we ask and answer those questions for you. We recommend and help you implement solutions that best fit your unique situation. We do all this because being proactive can steady your tax strategy and provide greater peace-of-mind.

Smooth Sailing Tax Strategies

In the final three months of 2022, we’ll be focusing on tax-loss harvesting, portfolio rebalancing, and other techniques to help ensure you get the most out of your income and investments.