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3 Cyber Security Tips for Travelers

Help keep your personal data safe while you're on the road with these quick cyber security tips for travelers from Norton. Lock your devices: Most smart phones, laptops and tablets will allow you to lock the device using a PIN number or fingerprint ID. In the event that any of your devices have been momentarily misplaced or [...]

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18 Cyber Security Tips for 2018

18 Cyber Security Tips for 2018 Here are 18 helpful cyber security tips for 2018 to keep your electronic data and devices safe. You are an attractive target to hackers. Don’t think, “It won’t happen to me.” Lock your computer when you are away from it. Even a few minutes is enough time for [...]

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Privacy Requires Extra Effort

In this digital age, privacy requires extra effort for each of us. Hackers use a number of ways to get into electronic devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets). The most common type of cyber crime is the phishing scam, which can arrive in the form of an email or text and contains a link. These messages [...]

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