A change in federal income-tax law that decreased the take-home pay of many working Americans in January is already impacting household budgets.

According to National Retail Federation’s 2013 Tax Returns Survey, 73 percent of those polled said their spending plans are taking a hit.

When asked how the new laws have affected spending, saving or budgeting of their households, 58 percent said their plans have been either somewhat or greatly impacted.

Specifically, about 46 percent said they will spend less overall, and 36 percent will watch for sales more often. Additionally, 34 percent will reduce how much they dine out and 25 percent will spend less on “little luxuries,” such as trips to coffee shops, manicures and high-end cosmetic items.

Among individuals who said the paycheck decreases will have little to no impact, many will still alter their spending habits. About 22 percent said they will spend less overall and 16 percent will use coupons more often. An additional 11 percent plan to reduce their entertainment and cut back on vacations and travel.