Lupe Camargo

Photography by Mark Skalny

Does anyone else feel like January came and went in the blink of an eye? If you’re asking yourself why you haven’t given thought to your 2022 goals yet, you’re not alone. But remember, tiny habits often lead to big wins.

Maybe before we can be ready to tackle the coming year, we need to take time to reflect on what happened in 2021. The insights gained from this exercise can fuel you for the journey ahead.

Start with your successes. What were your big wins last year? Perhaps you saved more, spent less, or just as important, learned a valuable lesson.

One lesson many of us have learned during the pandemic is that simplicity can bring peace, happiness, and stronger connection to our loved ones. Learning to be happy with less is priceless.

Stop, reflect, and write down at least three wins of 2021. Feeling successful, fuels the momentum for more success. Isn’t it more inspiring to begin with the feeling that your further ahead, rather than feeling like you’re falling behind?

Next, identify areas where there are opportunities to do better in 2022. Perhaps you started to build momentum that you want to continue into the new year. If not, then identify small things to help you start that momentum.

B.J. Fogg, Ph.D., a Stanford professor and habit expert, discusses and shares small steps that can start building momentum toward your goals in his book Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything. He points out that practicing tiny habits – ones that take two minutes or less – doesn’t rely on motivation or willpower. One push up is better than no push up. Start with one.

Another valuable lesson Fogg shares (one I learned last year) is that change is easiest when you’re feeling good and hardest when you’re feeling bad.

So celebrate the wins of last year; and give yourself many opportunities to feel successful today by doing tiny things that will eventually lead to big successes in 2022.