Mike McCannWhat story do you want to tell about your next vacation? What could make your next trip amazing? How do vacation goals and financial planning intersect? The answers could lie in this year’s travel trends. In 2022, people planned getaways that weren’t so much focused on where they went, but rather on what they experienced.

2022 Travel Trends

  • Friendcations: After missed milestones and months (or years) of Zooming since 2020, friends are reuniting for the first time in a while and they’re traveling in bigger groups to do it. That’s one reason why bookings for party spots that are great for big groups – like Vegas, the Caribbean, and Ibiza – exploded in 2022, according to a CNBC report.
  • Pet Travel: Forbes recently reported more people are taking their pets with them on leisure and business travel. And more hotels and airlines are becoming pet-friendly, finding ways not only to accommodate pets but to also treat them as guests. One unique aspect to this trend is how some folks are integrating into other trends – like taking workcations or bringing pets on extreme adventures.
  • Extreme Adventures: Many folks, after feeling cooped up and bored, were ready to adopt a thrilling new adventure or physical challenge as their dream vacations. Safaris, deep sea dives, and extreme hiking were among the favorites, according to Conde Nast Traveler. Some even signed up for sophisticated “space camps” for a truly out-of-this-world vacation experience.

vacation goals and financial planningTravel trends come and go, but the benefits of getting away can last a lifetime.

It’s a chance to unplug, destress, recharge, and create memories. Vacations have even been shown to provide physical health benefits, too, like lower blood pressure and lower risks of heart disease, according to . Simply put, vacations are good for us. They are an important piece of the financial planning process and of creating a truly rich life.

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