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Scroll through the Perspective Financial Services Video Library to watch original, brief videos on a wide range of personal financial planning and investing topics.

Portfolio Management with a Broader Perspective

Investing, Video Blog|

In this fun, informative 3-part video series, Mike McCann explains our approach to portfolio management with a broader perspective: how and why we use asset allocation to create diversified portfolios, update our list of funds quarterly, and review client portfolios monthly to rebalance if needed. Click here if you prefer to read the video transcripts.

Part 1: Creating the Right Mix of Investments

Understanding asset allocation, diversification and individual client risk tolerance (approx. 3 minutes).

Market Volatility Lessons Learned

Investing, Video Blog|

Our firm is dedicated to guiding individuals, families and business owners through an uncertain financial landscape. In this short video, Patrick Eng shares some of the lessons we’ve learned through years in helping our clients get through volatile markets – market volatility lessons learned with a broader perspective.

Key take-aways:

  • Market corrections are a normal part of the economic cycle.
  • […]

Make Positive Life Changes

Financial Planning, Video Blog|

Many people dream about suddenly getting a large sum of money. You win the lottery. Perhaps you receive a significant inheritance. But few think about how they will handle the responsibility of their newfound wealth. Lupe Camargo recalls a young woman who came to her for help. The woman had not handled money well in the past and feared […]

529 Education Savings Accounts and Grandparents

College Planning, Video Blog|

Grandparents often want to assist their grandchild with college. But they don’t know the best ways to help. In this brief video, Jim Mailliard talks about grandparents and 529 education savings accounts.

These investment vehicles are state-sponsored college savings plans. They invest money on behalf of participants, much like mutual funds invest shareholder money. Earnings grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals can […]

Planning Your Financial Future

Financial Planning, Video Blog|

Why do you need a written financial plan? Would you take a cross-country road trip without a plan or itinerary? Planning a road trip is like planning your financial future.

In the two-minute video below, Mike Larriva uses this analogy to explain how a written plan helps you get where you want to go.

After watching, if you’d like to learn more about our financial planning process, click here.

Tell Me About Your Health

Health Care, Retirement, Video Blog|

A caring financial planner will talk with you about more than just money. Experience has taught Lupe Camargo how important it is to have discussions about health with her clients. “Tell me about your health.”

In this brief video, she shares insights about how taking care of your health is just as important to a fulfilling retirement as careful investment planning. Maintaining physical fitness, emotional strength and mental vitality will […]

Estate Planning Insights

Estate Planning, Video Blog|

Mike McCann recently helped his dad through a difficult life transition – from having full independence to living in a memory care facility. There are several estate planning pitfalls people often encounter. His dad avoided all but one. In this brief video, Mike shares key estate planning insights he gained in the process.

Most importantly, he learned that communicating your wishes to your loved ones is critical. It’s a step that […]

Building Lasting Relationships

Financial Planning, Video Blog|

The most successful financial planning focuses on building lasting relationships. We strive to develop long-term collaborative relationships with our clients, based on mutual respect. So, your success becomes our success.

Jim Mailliard shares a recent experience to illustrate this point. In this brief video, he talks about mentoring young men battling substance abuse. Those interactions, he explains, helped him recognize […]

Create Your Life Map

Financial Planning, Video Blog|

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a map and instructions? When you’re setting goals, how do you plan to get from point A to point B? In this brief video, Financial Planner Patrick Eng talks about the benefits of having a life map (a.k.a. financial plan) to help you navigate life’s ups and downs every step of the way. At Perspective, we know life happens and we […]

Retirement and Required Minimum Distributions

Retirement, Video Blog|

Certified Financial Planner practitioner Mike Larriva talks about your retirement and required minimum distributions (RMDs). In this short video, he offers a quick planning tip that’s worth your time. Taking his suggestion could help make settling your affairs less complicated for your loved ones when you pass away.

For a more in-depth explanation of your retirement and required minimum distributions, read our article, “Understanding RMDs,” below the video. You can also […]

Focus on Small Habits

Financial Planning, Video Blog|

Financial Planner Lupe Camargo shares a personal story of positive change. Learn how a new focus on small habits helped create the big results she wanted.

It doesn’t matter what personal goals you may want to achieve. Improve your health. Save money. Spend more time with family. By focusing on small habits and little changes in your day-to-day life and environment, you can accomplish big goals and create positive results […]


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