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Social Security Disability Benefits

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If you are unable to work because of a medical condition and expect that condition to last a year or more, you may want to consider applying for Social Security disability benefits.  Our 2-minute video provides a brief overview.

The information contained in the video was sourced from an article by Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP®, Senior Vice President, Schwab Community Services. For more information on who qualifies for […]

A Custodial IRA for Your Child

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Does your child need a retirement account?

A custodial IRA can give children a head start on saving for future needs. The objective of an IRA is to save for retirement, but IRS rules permit penalty-free withdrawals for higher-education expenses, a first-time home purchase and other reasons.

Watch the video to learn about a custodial IRA for your child.

It’s less than two minutes, and you can contact your financial advisor if you would […]

Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

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Is it a good idea to pay off your mortgage early? There is no right or wrong answer that applies to everyone. There are many benefits and some potential drawbacks to be considered. The following 3-minute video highlights some of the things you may want to keep in mind when paying off your mortgage early.

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Active-Passive Investing

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A key concept in financial planning and portfolio management is asset allocation. This process divides investments among different types of assets – stock, bonds, real estate and cash – to balance the risks and rewards within a portfolio. Active-passive investing is the investment strategy we use at Perspective Financial, and it takes the asset allocation process a step deeper. In this brief video, we explain how and why it works. Click here to read […]

Personality Affects Financial Planning

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Thinking about how your personality might affect the investment decisions you make is an important part of creating an effective financial plan. Working one-on-one with a trained financial professional can help you better understand your risk tolerance, evaluate investment options, and chart a clear path that suites your dreams and goals.

To learn more about how your personality affects financial planning, watch this brief video highlighting four investing personality types.
Select photos […]

Common Tax-Filing Mistakes

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Forgetting to sign your tax return is one of several common tax-filing mistakes people make on their income tax returns, according to It’s also an easy mistake to avoid. The short video below highlights 10 of the common mistakes people make when filing their returns. Click here to read’s article about these mistakes and how to avoid them.

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